Most of us get a puppy friend when we’re little, and we go on to play with them as we’re growing up. It’s a special bond we share with our little furry friends, and we love them endlessly. They return our love unconditionally, and they’re also the best playmates. They always want to have fun, and their happiness meter never runs out, except when they age. That’s why we give them CBD oil to help.

We teach them a lot of tricks, and they learn how to recognize almost two hundred different commands. Even when we’re busy, we still find time to take them for their daily walks. Even after a rough day, you come back home to your dog only to see them with a full smile on their face, wiggling their tail like they didn’t just see you this morning. You can find more info on the subject here.

That makes even the worst days better. Also, that kind of physical activity helps us too. But, what can you do when your dog gets older and doesn’t want to play as much anymore? They start getting tired quickly, they want to sleep all day and start avoiding you. No one wants to see their dog age, so is there an option to stop it or at least make it better?

Giving A Dog CBD Oil

Giving them CBD

The good thing today is that the USA legalized marijuana. It’s the land of the free, and Americans can finally make the free choice of buying weed and enjoying it. However, an even better thing about it is that an extract found in the plant can be the medicine your dog needs to make it feel young again. Cannabis relieves pain in people, mostly in ones who suffer from arthritis, back pain, and every other type of inflammation.

It wasn’t long before people started to give it to their dogs. And to no one’s surprise, the medicine worked. Older dogs began to rise up from their beds and go for their daily walks. You could see their smiles coming back as well as the tail wiggling. However, at that time, there was no research around the topic so the entire thing was shunned by veterinarians all over the state. Here’s a link for more info:

Yet, in 2018 a few studies were done, and they confirmed what was already being said on different online forums. There were a hundred different dogs in the research, and they were all suffering from arthritis. The doctors gave them different CBD products to see what worked and what didn’t. Surprisingly, every single product worked, but they didn’t all have the same strength.

What is the best product?

The best ones are oils, since they enter the bloodstream extremely fast. Not only that, but they also stay in their organism the longest. No one knows why this is so, but researchers suspect that’s because the CBD is metabolized in the liver, and the small amount is administered evenly. The second-best thing is edibles, and they can be found in different kinds of foods. That can be gummy bears, crackers. Or you can simply drop some oil in their diet, which can also do the trick.

Furthermore, if you plan to give them this medicine, be sure to provide them with the appropriate amount. If you are using CBD oil for yourself, then you shouldn’t give them the same thing. It’s simply too strong and can make them feel sleepy and tired.

Happy Dog In A Classroom

Instead, opt for something that has a lower concentration so their organism can get used to it. Always start with a lower amount and then gradually work your way up. Even from a small amount you can feel a difference, the only next step should be to increase the concentration.

The best time to give it to them is in the morning and in the evening. As soon as you both get up, put a few drops under their tongue and they will be good to go for the entire day. Do the same thing before you go to bed and they will have a painless night of sleep.

The only thing you should never do is give them the plant itself, because then you will need to go to the vet. The hemp plant contains THC, which is the substance that makes you high, and you don’t know how your dog will react to it.

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Should You Give Your Dog CBD?

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