Dog training

Training your dog to learn some basic skills is a very long-lasting process. However, your dog not having skills is even worse than that. Therefore, to avoid teaching him or her a few techniques, it is way better for you to focus and devote some time throughout the day for these skills.

After successfully completing this process, you will finally be satisfied, and your dog will be well behaved for its lifetime. Moreover, it will be better to teach him at least the basic techniques instead of chasing and arguing with him all the time.

Dog training to have important skills

However, before you start, it will be great for you to first read some materials about your dog’s personality and adjust the training to it.

  1. In house training

As we said in the beginning, this process takes time, but believe me, and it’s worth it. All you need to know is that it’s all about patience, consistency, and not that much nervousness.

  • The most important thing that you need to remember here is the limited access. Your dog needs to learn where he can walk and where the access is denied. This is simply done with closing doors in front of him and putting food in the same place so he can learn and think that it is his.
  • Create a routine. In order to have a great time with your dog, you must create some habits for him. This means that you need to feed him every day at the same time or walk him outdoors at the same time.
  • According to experts, punishment is the worst thing that you can do to a dog. This is because dogs do not understand its effects as people do. Therefore, clean up the mess that it has done, and tell yourself it will be better over time.
  • Remember, you should reward your dog whenever it goes potty in the right place.
  1. Sit down command

The “Sit down” command is considered to be the first command that the dog learns. However, in many situations, the dogs sit on their own, so you just need to add a little finesse here.

Firstly, you need to have some treat or reward for him (usually it is some biscuit or some other food that it loves). Now, the next step is to put your dog in a standing position while you hold the reward in front of its nose. This is your starting position. After that, you should slowly start to raise the prize towards the back of his head. Therefore, when the dog follows up the reward, his butt will go down on the floor. As soon as this happens, you just say “Yes” and reward it.

  1. Tell it to come to you

This is one of the most important skills that you must develop for your dog. It is crucial not only for you to call it whenever you want and play, but to keep it safe.

So, if this is your first time training your dog to come to you, you should pick a place that is not much wide open. Leave your dog at someplace, back off 5-10 meters, and then tell it “Come” with an enthusiastic posture. However, you might fail in the first few attempts, but you should not give up. For example, you can try waving it with a biscuit or some other food. Therefore, when it comes, give the biscuit to it and say “Yes” or “Bravo.”

Now, once your dog comes to you for a biscuit on a regular base, you can try training him only with a voice command.

  1. Stay in one place

This is one more crucial skill for your dog in order to keep him safe. This is extremely important when you walk him without a leash or if the leash breaks.

Start the training by putting the dog in a sitting position. Then, with a hand pointing to it, say, “Stay.” Therefore, if the dog stays in the same position for a few seconds, reward him with a biscuit. Repeat this process as many times as you think is enough for him to understand the idea.

After a few training sessions, you should increase the distance and the duration before you reward him. Moreover, it is best if you also introduce some distractions to test its resolve.

Dog training his important skills

  1. Leave that thing

This skill is essential to prevent your dog from eating something that he can pick up and swallow. Teaching him this skill will keep him safe from eating some potential poisonous food.

Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Show it the biscuit and then place it under your shoe.
  2. Now, wait and see what it will do. Most probably, it will start sniffing and licking around your boot. However, you should stay still and wait for it to give up. When he gives up, say “Yes” and reward it. But remember, give it a new biscuit, not the one under your shoe.
  3. Repeat this process couple of times. As soon as the dog stops sniffing and looks at you, just give him the biscuit.

After your dog learns a lesson with the hidden biscuit, you can start training him with a biscuit in a plain view.

  1. Train it to lie down

This training will be provided in a similar way as the “Sit down” exercise. While your dog sits in front of you, show him a biscuit and hold it in front of his face. Start moving the biscuit to the floor and away from the dog. It will slowly start to go down as he goes for the biscuit. Therefore, as soon as the dog is lying on the floor completely, say “Yes” and give it the biscuit. Repeat this process as many times as the dog needs.


When you succeed in teaching your dog these skills, you will make your life very interesting and easier. Do not be lazy and continue with persuasion.

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Most Important Skills That Your Dog Must Have

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