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Having a dog at your place has many advantages. However, people are often doubtful about buying or adopting a male or female dog. This is mainly because they have different personalities and temperaments. After all, everybody wants to enjoy the company of someone who perfectly fits his or her personality. Exactly for that reason, we have decided to talk with a professional who can give the best answers to these questions.

Should people make a decision based on the dog’s sex?

According to the veterinarians, this should not be the primary decision-making factor for a male or female dog at your house.  Although there are some differences between these two, which should be more important in your decision, it is the dog’s personality matching yours. In order to do that, it is best to choose a dog whose energy will match your lifestyle.

Moreover, the connection between dogs and people is not determined by the fact that it is male or female, but how you take care and train him. Click here to read more.

Behavior differences between male and female dogs

When we asked the professionals what they think about this question, they said that there is not much difference in dog behavior, no matter if the dog is male or female. Also, they said that the biggest part of creating a dog’s behavior is the upbringing and the training. However, recent research has stated that dogs are getting along better with dogs of the opposite sex. Therefore, you should have this in mind if you are planning to bring a second dog into your home.

A new study that researched dogs’ aggression found that female dogs have lowered aggression levels than males. This means that people have 6 percent more chances to be bitten from male dogs than from female ones.

Are there any health differences?

We have received many questions about health differences between male and female dogs. According to the experts, neutering or spaying can have many health benefits for your dogs. Although many people are against this, scientists are saying that these actions can prevent some problematic diseases. Some of them are uterine infections, mammary cancer, testicular cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and much more.

However, doctors noticed that the timing of these procedures is crucial for your dog’s health. According to them, in the past, these procedures were conducted at an earlier age. But now, with the newest research, they say it is better to do it when the dog reaches some physical maturity. Besides, it would be best if you had in mind that maturity varies from breed to breed. However, neutered or spayed dogs later in their development phase have fewer chances of getting orthopedic issues or cancer.

Hormonal differences

Have you ever wondered what neutering and spaying mean? These procedures remove the ability of the dog to reproduce, which helps to reduce the population. As you know, a medical procedure is applied to the male dogs, and their testes are removed. It is called an orchiectomy. On the other hand, female dogs are spayed, which means a medical procedure is applied to remove the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. This procedure is called an ovariohysterectomy.

The veterinarians advise that a female dog that was not spayed is experiencing estrus two times per year. This means that the dog produces a secretion that attracts male dogs.

In addition to this statement, they said that male dogs that are not neutered mark their territory more often. Therefore, you should be prepared that your dog will have a big need to mark everything and pee around your house.

Anatomical differences between male and female dogs

This is maybe the group where there are most differences between male and female dogs. The first one and the most obvious is that they have different genital and reproductive systems. However, there are more differences that you should know. The thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing a dog is that the female dogs are smaller than the male ones.

The next interesting difference is that female dogs reach maturity faster. If we consider that, females are easier to train.

female dog standing

The result

Although there are differences between female and male dogs, experts advise not to consider this as a decision-making point. Instead of losing time to search for any differences, you should devote your time to hanging around with the dog to see if you both are a match. Regardless if it is male or female. Maybe the decision factors should be the size of the dog, or whether you plan to keep it indoors or outdoors.

What to do about it

If you have a big yard, then you can choose a larger and more temperament dog. It can freely run around and play with you or with some toys that you will buy. Although there are people with huge dogs in their apartment, experts say that this is not that good for the dog. This is because of the obvious reason that the dog cannot walk around the apartment without worries, not to break something accidentally.

On the other hand, small size dogs are perfect for indoors keeping. Some owners let them sleep together in the same bed. We think that that is very cute, by the way. However, it would be best if you were very careful with your dog inside your house or apartment. It depends on the personality of the dog. It can do much damage around the house. For example, you should not be surprised if you find that there is a piece missing from your furniture or your shoes are with wholes.

Therefore, in order to avoid situations like this, you must train your dog at least to follow some basic rules. In our previous post, you can find some tricks on how to train your dog to obey commands. These commands are useful not only for you to have a good life with your dog, but to also keep him away from troubles.

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Male vs. Female Dog? What To Choose?

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