For most people around the world, their dog is not just a pet, but also a precious family member. Therefore, we must insert their daily needs into our already busy schedule. One of the most common questions that people ask is how many times per day should you feed your dog?

For that reason, we have prepared some useful tips, that may answer some of your questions:dog-eating-1

Choose quality dog food

The main thing about the food is that it needs to be high quality. It will have many benefits for its health. But the one thing that you need to know is that it should be served in smaller portions than less-quality food. This is because overfeeding, even with the best type of food, can have negative consequences for your dog’s health and life. Click here to read more.

As you may know, dogs are different than people, especially in their digestive tract. Unlike people, they are not used to eating a few times per day.

How many times per day should you feed your dog?

Although there are many different opinions on this topic, the general rule is, puppies should eat several times per day, and grown-up dogs should eat less. Puppies can eat up to 3 times per day because their metabolism is faster. As for larger dogs, they should eat two times or once per day. If you feed your dog too often, it can develop bone abnormalities and many other health problems.

If your puppy is gaining too much weight, it is best to reduce the food intake gradually. However, maybe it is best to consult with your veterinarian for whatever change you notice. Follow this link for more

Should you feed your dog in the morning or the evening?

According to most veterinarians, mature dogs should eat once per day in the evening. They say that when the dog is one year old, it reaches full maturity. His food intake should be constant if the dog is healthy and his daily activities are normal. If you notice that it acts weird and does not eat his food, contact your veterinarian, and schedule an appointment. He will check it and diagnose it accurately and maybe prescribe CBD.


Water intake

Because the dog’s body is made of 80% water, you need to be sure that it is always available. The dog knows when it is enough, and it will drink as much as it needs. The general rule is that a 10 kg dog needs around 0.35l water per day. Moreover, if you give your dog only dry food, you need to provide him with more water than usual.

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How Much Should You Feed Your Dog Daily?

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